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The Village Podcast from The Bookshelf

Sep 18, 2017

Whoa! The energy is high! Fall brings new things, new starts, new friends, new weather. Everything is shiny.

Steph and Candice opine about how great the Fall is and how great the Fall in Guelph is and how troubling Stephen King's life might have been as a young adult.

We cover all the usuals, horrors both real and imaginary, the narrative men are taught about being men, what makes a bad movie good, the power of shared experience and still almost no music talk!

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Guelph Library Book Clubs 


It (I'd post a link to the trailer, but it's too terrifying for a general audience)

Army of Darkness & Poltergeist (Steph and Candice's first horror films)

The Room September 28

Baby Driver (and other movies all about the soundtracks) - September 29 - October 5 

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