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The Village Podcast from The Bookshelf

Nov 28, 2015

Welcome back listeners! Thanks for all your great comments on our first two episodes. We'd love it if you'd share us with the world. Please head to our iTunes page and rate and review us. It would be great if you subscribed to us, but we know not all of you use iTunes for listening, so load up our RSS feed into your favourite podcatcher and never miss an episode.

It's December now and there's no getting away from the seasonal cheer and holiday shopping so we face it head on.

We share some of our December traditions, their favourite seasonal music and movies. And because we can't play it in the episode, head to YouTube and have a listen and watch of Chris de Burgh playing A Spaceman Came a Travelling. The Rankin and Bass animated collection of films get their annual mention, along with other classics like Die Hard, Home Alone and It's a Wonderful Life.

We also cover a few board games which would make nice gifts for groups of friends or family to play while visiting, including Angry Birds, Crib Wars, Pandemic, Anomia and Catan.

Which leads us to writing in books, whether they are meant to be written in, like The 52 Lists, or Wreck This Journal, or not, like that new hardcover book you received as a gift from your grandmother. Do you do it?

You've gotten this far in listening, or at least in reading, so now I can tell you that we have two gift certificates to give away this month. We have one $25 gift certificate to The Bookshelf and one $25 gift certificate to Miijida. We will draw two winners from the entries.

And to enter all you need to do is head to our iTunes page and give us a rating and review! Then grab a screenshot of that baby and email us at and let us know your name and phone number.

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Theme music from the Free Music Archive, by The Underscore Orkestra