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The Village Podcast from The Bookshelf

Feb 16, 2020

After an extra week apart Steph and Candice had more than usual to catch up on. Movie awards season is all wrapped up and we know what movies are worthy now. And both Steph and Candice started the new year reading books outside their usual niche.


Second run theatres like the Bookshelf struggle to schedule a regular calendar because sometimes first run theatres (like Cineplex) choose to keep playing a film long past their release date. This month Knives Out was pulled from the calendar just a few days from the showings.

Jojo Rabbit, playing Feb 3 - 18

Little Women, playing Feb 28 - Mar 7

Parasite, playing Feb 7 - 17


Wanderers by Chuck Wendig

The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey

It by Stephen King

Break in Case of Emergency by Brian Francis

Grady Hendrix Great Stephen King Reread

Quit Like A Woman by Holly Whitakre

Timestamps (minute:seconds)

2:00 A run-down of awards seasons movies

7:30 Black History (Future) Month

9:00 Women in Horror Month

11:30 Knives Out

13:30 War dramas vs war satires

17:00 Congrats to Taika Waititi

18:50 What's playing at the cinema

24:30 Book talk Candice's list

30:00 Book talk Steph's list

32:30 A discussion about YA fic, genre and romances

36:00 Fandom and creators who bow to what they want

41:00 Stephen King re-read update

46:00 Steph's feminist book club update


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