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The Village Podcast from The Bookshelf

Jul 8, 2019

Summer, everyone's favourite season to complain about how warm it is! Also a great season to get out of the heat and see some movies in the theatre!

We got real regional talking about radio and television stations from our childhood.


Is this Live? by Christopher Ward

Sound Mind: My Bipolar Journey from Chaos to Composure by Erika Nielsen


Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and questionable comedy. Alex Winter address it here, 

Booksmart playing from June 28 - July 7 and how it compares to Superbad, Bridesmaids and Lady Bird 



Mark Dailey - the voice of City TV Everywhere (opens a YouTube clip)

Local station CJOY hosts retiring

Ongoing History of New Music by Alan Cross 

Stephen King Watch

Carrie - completed

Salem's Lot - in progress

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